sandy1croppedSeveral years ago, my long-time partner suddenly left me just a few weeks before our wedding. I’ve spent the past few years recovering from the shock, picking up the pieces of my shattered life and immersing myself in trying to understand the mysteries of abandonment and betrayal.

During that dark time, all the doubts and fears that had once lurked around the edges, hidden by the love and affection I received from and offered to my partner, now scorched every fiber of my trust and vulnerability.

I did a lot of meditating and inquiry, reading and talking to others, caring for myself and trying to understand what was happening as I fell apart. In the process, I learned a lot about recovering from this unrecognized trauma.

I started to write what would become my forthcoming book, Love and the Mystery of Betrayal, realizing that sharing my struggles and insights might be useful to other people. I wrote because it offered a sliver of purpose to what otherwise felt like meaningless suffering.

I offer this site as a resource. I hope you find something here that helps you make your way through heartbreak, knowing that hands of grace are holding you — even in the most difficult times.



My New Book Is Coming Soon!

Love and the Mystery of Betrayal: Recovering Trust and Faith after Trauma, Deception and Loss of Love was written for those who are struggling to recover from betrayal in love or wanting to help someone going through this life-shattering time. This book suggests that betrayal is a spiritual crisis and explores what it takes to heal from the devastation.

Unlike books based on anecdotal accounts, case studies, or analysis and theory alone, Love and the Mystery of Betrayal puts flesh on the bones of the theories about the role of betrayal in psychological and spiritual life. It offers support and validation, as well as guidelines for plumbing the depths and making the most out of this difficult, but rich experience.

Publication date: July 2014

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