My New Book on Betrayal in Love is Coming Soon!

Sandra-90Love and the Mystery of Betrayal was written for those who are struggling with abandonment and betrayal in love.  This book challenges the culture’s blindness to the trauma of betrayal. When you discover you have been living a lie, it changes your life.Betrayal shatters your identity, your peace of mind, and your trust in life’s goodness. Intimate betrayal is ultimately a spiritual crisis.

The blow threatens the life of your soul, as well as your physical, mental and emotional health. Recovery will take your best attention and care, against a pressing temptation to sweep it under the rug.

Going against the currents of popular culture, Love and the Mystery of Betrayal supports and validates the grief, pain, and isolation betrayal in love brings. It does not offer the usual easy, but discouraging, prescriptions for quick healing. Instead, I encourage you to embrace this dark night of the soul for all it is worth.  I offer signposts and guidance to help you find the light in the healing darkness.

No matter how long ago your trust was shattered, this book can help you clear the lingering poison from your veins. With validation and support, you can not only survive this ordeal.  You can come back from your time in the underworld with the unexpected gold of more trust, faith and love of life than you imagined possible.

Publication date: August 19, 2014

Meanwhile, I offer this site as a resource. I hope you find something here that helps you make your way through heartbreak and loss. I want you to know that hands of grace are holding you, and that you are not alone in your struggle to recover yourself. I know because several years ago, my long-time partner suddenly left me just a few weeks before our wedding. I’ve spent the past few years recovering from the shock, picking up the pieces of my shattered life and immersing myself in trying to understand the mysteries of abandonment and betrayal.

During that dark time, the doubts and fears that had once lurked around the edges, hidden by the relationship, scorched every fiber of my trust and vulnerability. I did a lot of meditating and inquiry, reading and talking to others, caring for myself and trying to understand what was happening as I fell apart. In the process, I learned a lot about recovering from this underrated trauma.

When I realized that sharing my struggles and insights might be useful to other people, it offered a sliver of purpose to what otherwise felt like meaningless suffering. So, I started to write and to design this website for kindred spirits looking for little lights in their dark passage.  It is my hope that you find a few sparkles here.