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Title: Embrace of the Daimon: Healing through the Subtle Energy Body: Jungian Psychology and the Dark Feminine

Author: Sandra Lee Dennis


Print Publisher: West County Press, 2013; Nicolas-Hayes, 2001
1939812038, 978-1939812032
  266 pages

Kindle Publisher: West County Press, 2012
ISBN:   987-0-9851291-9-3

Bios/Photos of Sandra Lee Dennis

Short Bio:

SANDRA LEE DENNIS, PhD, is an author, teacher and explorer of the interplay of depth psychology and spiritual experience. She has been on the faculty of six universities, as well as the C.G.Jung Institute of San Francisco. Sandra currently lives and works in the Bay Area.

Long Bio:

SANDRA LEE DENNIS, PhD, obtained her B.A. and M.A. in from the University of Michigan, and her doctorate in Integral Studies/ Psychology and Religion, from the California Institute of Integral Studies.  She is an author, teacher and explorer of the interplay of depth psychology and spirituality. She has been on the faculty of six universities, as well as the C.G.Jung Institute of San Francisco.  Her practices of mindfulness, inquiry, yoga, and core energetics inform her writings and her work.

Sandra’s writings have emerged from immersion and inquiry into the depths of interior life.  Bridging the world of scholar and visionary, her call has been to navigate and bring light to the shadowlands—those subtle interior spheres that defy description and often appear obscure, painful, or unreal to the logical mind. In her work, she tracks and translates difficult personal experiences to archetypal truths about human nature. Her deep-diving explorations and research have helped many to name and to heal their suffering.

In her first book, Embrace of the Daimon, Sandra pioneered in exploring primeval spaces of the unconscious psyche and their relation to a developing feminine spirituality.  Using a Jungian framework, she traces a rare account of a spontaneous eruption of taboo, wild stories and monstrous characters from the underground of the psyche.  In the descending spirituality that emerges, she presents a practical method for healing the dangerous split between body, soul and spirit that afflicts our times.  Cultural historian, Richard Tarnas described her work as a “significant contribution to the phenomenology of altered states of consciousness.”

In her latest book Love and the Mystery of Betrayal Sandra dives again into dark recesses of the psyche that traditionally resist description, his time to explore abandonment, trauma, pain and heartache. Casting betrayal as a profound initiation of the heart, she shares her own story while taking us through the classic stages of a dark night passage.  She puts flesh on the bones of existing theories about betrayal, trust and forgiveness to help those journeying through such an ordeal and those who would help them navigate these deep waters. Meditation teacher, Tara Brach calls it “A powerful book that will serve many.”

Sandra currently lives and works in the Bay Area.


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Praise for Embrace of the Daimon:

“Sandra Dennis has written a courageous, important book. In Embrace of the Daimon, she moves psychology into a fuller engagement with the uncharted depths of archetypal, imaginal reality embedded in bodily experience.  In this pioneering work, she forges a bridge between the worlds of the scholar and the visionary, and in so doing makes a significant contribution to the phenomenology of altered states of consciousness. Her prose is eloquently descriptive, precise, at times compactly poetic. Her first-person accounts are moving, often searing, in realms that traditionally resist description. Our era needs to hear her call for descent into dark recesses of the psyche that can reunite body and soul.”

—Richard Tarnas, Passion of the Western Mind and Psyche and Cosmos: Intimations of a New World View

“While I served as Dean of the School of Holistic Studies at JFK University several years ago, I came across a copy of Embrace of the Daimon and immediately read it. I was stunned. Not only because I deemed it the most honest work on the psychoid/imaginal realms since Corbin, but also because I never heard anyone speak of it. “How was that possible,” I asked? I am very glad that it shall be republished. I was stirred by the head-on engagement with these archetypal invasions, more like Jung in the Red Book than the scholarly Corbin. I shared it with a colleague at JFKU, who also praised it, and we would discuss it after hours.”

—Peter Rojcewicz, PhD.,Vice President, Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty, Antioch University Seattle

“This book is different in that it is truly sensitive to the soul. It is refreshing to trace the dynamic whereby we give soul earthly reality instead of psychologizing experience into the bodiless ether of pure reflection. I am especially drawn to this book for the many passing insights that are expressed so beautifully and tersely. I will cut them out and make them my appendix, my guidelines for dealings with the Devil.”

—Thomas Moore, Care of the Soul and Dark Eros

Awards and Endorsements for Love and the Mystery of Betrayal

USA Best Book Awards 2014 — Winner (Philosophy)






Next Generation 2015 INDIEFAB Awards—Winner (New Age)




ForeWord Reviews’ 2013 Book of the Year — Finalist (Body/Mind/Spirit)