Love and the Mystery of Betrayal


Soul-satisfying empathy and validation, as well as higher-self, love-focused guidance on how to respond and heal. A rare combination… She has the corner on the market on describing betrayal in a way that illuminates the depth and horror of such harm…a must-read.” —K. Later, Amazon five-star review

In her award-winning book, Love and the Mystery of Betrayal: Recovering Your Trust and Faith after Trauma, Deception and Loss of Love,  Sandra Dennis tells the story of betrayal in love from the inside out.

She puts flesh on the bones of the theory that betrayal is a spiritual crisis, an initiatory rite of passage that plunges the betrayed into a prolonged dark night that with patience and grace opens the heart of compassion and teaches a deeper trust in life.

This book articulates the experience of broken trust as a unique pain that cracks through defensive strategies to reveal both our most raw vulnerabilities and the deepest longings of the heart.

She describes betrayal as the signature experience of our humanity, one we all know deep inside.  In simply being born, we are betrayed, cut off from our source of physical warmth and nourishment.    Read more . . . .

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My Story

Several years ago, a few weeks before our wedding, my long-time partner suddenly left me. Since I had been a resilient, high-functioning professional, I was astounded in the aftermath of this shock by the extent of my unraveling. My competence and confidence evaporated and I was reduced to a broken heap on my bedroom floor. Hyper-vigilance, numbness, and replays of his departure moved in and haunted my days and nights. Not for weeks or months, but for years.

Despite advanced degrees in psychology and spirituality, I was bewildered by what was happening to me.  I needed and wanted to understand it!  I spent the next few years immersing myself in the mysteries of trauma, grief and loss. During this time, I read and researched, prayed and meditated, did deep-diving and soul-searching, as well as talking to others…I learned a lot.

Throughout this time, I felt a calling, a responsibility, to share what I was learning.  From the depths of my own experience, I began to write Love and the Mystery of Betrayal: Recovering your Trust and Faith after Trauma, Deception and Loss of Love.

Now, I am grateful for the awards the book has garnered, and especially for the many notes of relief, validation and appreciation from readers. The book has helped many people recognize and heal betrayal trauma—a shock that is downplayed and dismissed in our culture—and to move through the unrecognized prolonged grief that often accompanies abandonment.


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USA Best Book Awards — Finalist (Non-fiction Narrative)
ForeWord Reviews’ Indiefab Book of the Year — Finalist (Psychology)
Next Generation Indie Book Awards — Finalist (Spirituality)


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