...Love and Mystery of Betrayal continued

…Love and Mystery of Betrayal continued

We don’t tend to think of betrayal as a trauma. But the psyche registers intimate betrayal as a life-threatening event. The pain can threaten your identity and even the life of your soul. With your psychic integrity under siege, the threat needs to be taken seriously.

Neuropsychology has confirmed that betrayal registers in the same brain centers as physical pain. Worse, rejection also stimulates another brain center that causes intense cravings. Similar to withdrawal from an addictive drug, like nicotine or cocaine. These cross currents of hurt and longing can create a form of biopsychological torment.

Studies show that the stress is equivalent to having a magnum .44 pointed at your head. And betrayal trauma can go on for months, or even years, if not treated. Understanding what is happening to you can help you to bear what seems unbearable. When betrayed,  the grief, rage and heartache can be overwhelming. The intensity of the pain —as well as how long it lasts— makes it seem there must be something terribly wrong. And there is! The shock shatters our usual sense of self, inflicting a trauma of the first magnitude.

The devastation of a serious betrayal is often too much to bear. For self-protection, we deny, repress, or act out in addictions, illness, damaging sexuality or other self-destructive behaviors. To make matters worse, we live in a culture that is blind to betrayal, denies and stigmatizes emotional pain, and reveres power that is so often misused when we are betrayed.

At the same time, betrayal can be powerful soul medicine. The disease being treated is our limited relation to ourselves, to reality really!This book will help you realize the scale of the re-alignment going on in your soul. It will help you recognize that you are in the midst of an initiation into the depths of the suffering and compassionate heart that will open you to a sweetness of love and life never before available to you.

“God Bless you, Sandra Lee Dennis! for this brilliant, comforting book for the betrayed. ….you offer hope when we cannot see how we will ever have it again.”—Kelly Owens, Goodreads review

“Slowly I’ve been reading and pondering your book, for which I am so grateful!…Your book though so deeply revealing is a masterpiece!”  —Sister Helen.E. Provost, personal correspondence

Sandra’s excellent book, ‘Love and the Mystery of Betrayal,’ is a must read for anyone who has, or is working with people who have been abused in any way, physically, emotionally, spiritually or sexually. She writes in an accessible way that will help anyone to understand the process of abuse/betrayal…It is a book I know I will return to and recommend to my clients. —K. Holding, LinkedIn