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After a bewildering abandonment from a long-time relationship, I searched for answers. But I found little support for what I was going through. Flashbacks, hyper-vigilance, bouts of tears and more tears, Obsessive replays of the abandonment, sleeplessness, weight loss.  It all went on so long, and seemed to worsen with time.

Gradually, I realized I was in the throes of PTSD—the often unrecognized legacy of abandonment and betrayal.  With no intention of ‘writing a book’, I started writing down what I felt as a kind of channel of support flowing to me from a wiser mind.   With time, I felt a deep need to share what I was learning. Maybe what I was learning could help others get through this ordeal more quickly. After four years of deep-diving loving labor, Love and the Mystery of Betrayal came into being.

My earlier book Embrace of the Daimon offers an exploration of, the often taboo, daimonic imaginal realm. When these confusing imaginal creatures of the night came to me, I also began to write.  I did not know they were leading me to explore the home of the archetypes — inner spaces between body and spirit. Set in Jungian terms, originally for my dissertation, this book may not appeal to the everyday reader.  Still, it has developed an enthusiastic following among students of imaginal realms, shadow psychology, alchemy, goddess imagery, and women’s issues.

I am grateful that both these books have been recognized with literary awards.

Love and the Mystery of Betrayal 

Grieving the Loss: Tending the Trauma, Healing the Heartbreak, Restoring Trust in Life

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Embrace of the Daimon

Healing through the Subtle Energy Body: Jungian Psychology & the Dark Feminine

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