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        Love and the Mystery of Betrayal

“Intensely moving and inspiring. It is hard to explain in a simple review how deeply into the rabbit’s hole this book goes, how inspiring it is – and how validating.” Heather Gilbert, Los Angeles, Goodreads review

“…people should know, your book is a book primarily about grief. I lost my son nine years ago and have lived with a profound sense of betrayal by God. Your book describes my experience better than anything I have read or heard, and your descriptions have helped me—like nothing else has—to move through my feelings towards a loving acceptance.” — personal correspondence

I borrowed this book initially on Kindle monthly. It’s too good not to own. I just bought it. Great price too. One of the best books about love, betrayal, narcissism and the lingering effects ever. It’s a book to refer back to over and over again as the triggers rear their ugly heads. A masterpiece! — Laura M. Fiske, Facebook

“It is the middle of the night and I have just finished your book, not being able to put it down…although our lives are totally different, your book has transcended your personal story and has great significance for me…. I am going to recommend it to many people I know. It can help us all.”—Pam Bonsper, personal correspondence

A Powerful and Critically Important Book!, An outstanding, in-depth look at betrayal…There are no easy answers here, no encouragement to use band-aid measures that mask the symptoms and in so doing leave an emotional time bomb rather than true healing in place. Highly recommended.”—Craig B., Amazon review

“God Bless you, Sandra Lee Dennis! for this brilliant, comforting book for the betrayed. I am still reeling from a brutal betrayal, and I am so grateful I found your book….you offer hope when we can not see how we will ever have it again.”—Kelly Owens, Goodreads review

“I have recommended this book already to two clients and a colleague, and I’ve only had it less than a week. This is an excellent book…”Customer, Ann Arbor, Amazon review

“This is the first time I have written a review, and from the bottom of my heart, Sandra, THANK YOU… Two years ago, my husband of 18 years abandoned me and my two children for another woman…I have read many, many books on infidelity,and your book stands out. I am buying copies for family and friends so they can understand what I am grappling with. For anyone who has been through betrayal…this would be the first book I recommend people read.”—Magic Eye, Amazon review

An incredible validation. This is by far the best book on betrayal of love I have ever read.  I will not ever forgive the perpetrator, but I do believe my eyes are now wide open to the little red flags and someday I may let my guard down to find authentic love…. A truly heartbreaking and magnificent read of the struggles of a woman who found herself after so many years. It’s a process. Thank you.” —Laura, Amazon review

“Sandra’s excellent book, Love and the Mystery of Betrayal, is a must read for anyone who has, or is working with people who have been abused in any way, physically, emotionally, spiritually or sexually. She writes in an accessible way that will help anyone to understand the process of abuse/betrayal…It is a book I know I will return to and recommend to my clients.” K. Holding, LinkedIn

I just devoured your book…. I will read it over and over…Thank you! — Laura Fiske, Facebook

Sandra, I cannot thank you enough for writing this book.  You have no idea how validating it was for me to read about your experience…. I am a psychotherapist and am carrying out research into the counseling journey of  emotionally and psychologically abused women and was sent your book by a colleague….you have given a voice to the unbearable suffering of so many women.  —Caroline Burke, personal correspondence

“When my therapist suggested we read your book together, it was life altering. I read every word and could relate to most of what you shared on a very personal and tangible level. At times it was as if you were writing about my journey….My journey is not over, but I have more insight and spiritual inspiration to guide me now. THANK YOU! —Michelle Strickler, Facebook

narcissismThis is simply a must-read for anyone who has been a victim of a cluster-b personality disorder {narcissism, sociopathy, etc.}…The gas lighting, abuse, and outrageous behavior is well documented, as well as the unusual and significant, sometimes complex, PTSD response. It also highlights the gift of this experience, a profound spiritual awakening resulting from being brought to your knees by betrayal, abandonment. The answer lies in grace, because no human could survive betrayals of this magnitude without it. —Susan, Goodreads

“This is a world class book on betrayal and abandonment… a deep and moving book – one of the most profound and well-written books I’ve read in a long time. As a psychotherapist, it was therapeutic for me in forgiving and continues to resonate through my life. —Jim Dinon, Amazon review

If you or someone you care about is trapped in the relentless torment of a serious betrayal of any kind, please read this book….Sandra has found the words to describe this searing pain and agony. Her story and her tender empathy will encourage you on your unique and uncharted journey to finding your new heart. I was reminded of the story, “A man falls into a hole…” —Walkwithme, Amazon review

“Renaissance woman Sandra Lee Dennis covers every imaginable angle of betrayal and the intensive work necessary to go through the pain to get out the pain. I couldn’t put it down. This book should be required reading for anyone who works with betrayed clients or who has experienced betrayal.” —Patricia, Amazon review

“This book will no doubt become the catalyst (change agent) for many a wounded soul…. to eventually find healing and wholeness”. —Alan A. MacKenzie, personal correspondence

“I am halfway through your book and have already recommended it to some of my clients. It is not only invaluable to those of us who have experienced the trauma of betrayal by a partner but also those of us who have been betrayed by our primary care-givers and anyone who has experienced domestic abuse. You describe the process of betrayal so well, it will help the reader understand what has happened to them physiologically, which helps explain her emotional response.   I think this book deserves all the accolades it has already received and more” —Kathryn Holding, personal correspondence

“I was pulled into this incredibly compelling journey that struck my heart and soul…. You need not have experienced the betrayal of a partner to benefit from the profound words and insights of this academically and spiritually enlightened author. Sandra speaks to anyone who has experienced the wounding of betrayal, whether it be partner infidelity, abandonment, rape, child abuse, emotional abuse, suicide of a loved one, or any other traumatic event.”—Amazon Customer, Amazon/Goodreads reviews

Your book on betrayal was spectacular. My empathy for your suffering is equally matched with gratitude for you having suffered it… You describe the experience better than anyone.  Pain in eloquence.  Just reading your descriptions was healing for me. —Heidi, personal correspondence

“If you have gone through the trauma of betrayal, no matter how long ago it was~ get this book immediately and clear time not just for reading; for healing. The journey through this book is a healing experience that helps us to understand what we’ve gone through, to name the invisible, hidden cracks this trauma inflicted in our psyche, to validate our soulful intuition and finally, it helps us emerge into an ecstatic experience of self-love and higher love.”—Maria Mar, book review on  Read full review here.

“Soul satisfying empathy and validation, as well as higher-self, love-focused guidance on how to respond and heal. A rare combination… You’ll highlight multiple statements for the sole purposes of quoting them when others don’t understand why you are struggling so much… She has the corner on the market on describing betrayal in a way that illuminates the depth and horror of such harm….” —K. Later, Amazon review

Amazing book that puts into language feelings that are unspeakable and creates a pathway to recovery and understanding….”Tracy Barton, Facebook

Slowly I’ve been reading and pondering your book, for which I am so grateful!…Your book though so deeply revealing is a masterpiece!  —Sister Helen.E. Provost, personal correspondence

“Thank you for this book and your labor of love. There’s a sense of kinship that comes with recognizing that someone has gone through what I am going through now. It’s only been six months for me, and I weep over it everyday. Your writing has been a balm on my heart.” —Serge, personal correspondence

Awesome! Sandra’s book is so encouraging in many different ways. I’ve never known pain to be described the way she has. She takes you on an emotional and spiritual ride. She expresses every emotion just right, putting the reader in the center of her heart, as if you were there with her. It was a very intriguing read I will recommend to everyone.”
Amazon customer, Amazon review

Almost unnerving, Sandra seems to have looked into my struggle with (a different kind of betrayal), physical senility, and spoken to it. Powerful, insightful, and shattering all at once.”Bishop Craig Bergland, Goodreads review

“What a godsend this book has been. I keep wanting to shout “Exactly!” and “YES” because I so clearly identified with so much of what the author shared. It is such a comfort to know that I wasn’t going crazy…”Kimmers, Las Vegas, Amazon review

“Mental pain and anguish do not just disappear once you understand your issues, they need to be fully explored and processed… This emphasis makes this book more complete than others…. An inspiring and hopeful work”Donnih, Amazon review

“This book has a ring of authenticity that touches the heart. It is both compassionate and lyrical in its writing, and practical in its outlook on the road to “recovery” from betrayal.”—Leila, Goodreads review

“While the author has steeped herself in spiritual practice and studied depth psychology, it is not a “heady” read…’s honest, accessible and inspiring.”—Fran Carbonaro, Amazon review

“…an amazingly courageous book… Her distinction of loss due to death of a loved one vis-a-vis the feeling of loss as a result of betrayal is a vital one. Her descriptions of subtle energetic attachments after the rupture of betrayal are unique and will stand as a testimony to enter emotional and sexual relationships with care and forethought.”— Temesis, Amazon review

“Fantastic! The similarity of our stories was as if she was writing my experience with her words. It does not read like a self-help or textbook….rather, required reading for anyone going through the absolute torment of a betrayal. She hit’s the symptoms on the head without apology. I am reading it again.” Ms. Emilian, Riegelsville, PA, Amazon review

“This is an unusual book. While it touches on issues of grief, loss, betrayal and steps to recovery, the writing expresses the intense experience that the author went through with so much depth and courage. I was moved by the raw telling of such a personal tale.” —Victoria M., Amazon review

I can relate to your book in a visceral way…. Reading your book is helping me make sense of all the craziness and the process I underwent (though it was a nonromantic betrayal), and am still going thru.  I cannot express with words my gratitude of your sharing these experiences that I know were so difficult and painful. — Myriam Cedres, personal correspondence

“Love and the Mystery of Betrayal: Tending the Trauma, Healing the Heartbreak, Restoring Trust in Life—now available on Amazon