Embrace of the Daimon: 

Healing through the Subtle Energy Body/ Jungian Psychology & the Dark Feminine

Embrace of the Daimon


Have you wrestled with uncanny, nightmarish imagery in dreams or waking and wondered if you were coming unhinged one day and enlightened the next? Life crises, trauma, deep meditation, prayer or inquiry can unleash surprisingly compelling yet scary, even revolting, daimonic imagery and related feelings we have few maps to help navigate.

Yet these experiences call to us with a hauntingly familiar voice, inviting us to unite body and soul.

“Such invasions have something uncanny about them because they are irrational and incomprehensible to the person concerned. They bring about a momentous alteration of his personality since they immediately constitute a painful personal secret which alienates and isolates him from his surroundings. It is something that we “cannot tell anybody.” We are afraid of being accused of mental abnormality–not without reason, for much of the same thing happens to lunatics. Even so, it is a far cry from the intuitive perception of such an invasion to being inundated by it pathologically, though the layman does not realize this.” -C.G. Jung

Embrace of the Daimon leads us to this growing edge of the psyche and invites our curiosity and caring.  This book charts a course of radical acceptance of experience — no matter how painful or repulsive — as absolutely necessary for our well-being and the well-being of the planet. The Greeks understood the daimon as the intermediary between gods and humans, the guardian spirit assigned at birth, connecting heaven and earth.

These messengers come as agents of radical change. They invite a descent into the underworld of the psyche we want to avoid. When we turn instead to welcome them with understanding and compassion, they show they are here to expand consciousness.

They have the capacity to connect us with healing qualities our world is waiting for. This book outlines a simple method to navigate these alarming images and anxieties. Instead of treating them as perversions to banish, we are encouraged to embrace their primal power becoming more intelligent, loving and whole in the process.

Embrace of the Daimon can help you:

  • Calm your concerns by understanding the role of these daimonic images in the larger context of growth to wholeness or individuation.
  • Find the courage to explore these states of mind with more intimate, compassionate interest.
  • Learn to navigate your way through the unusual sensations that often accompany breakthroughs of the daimonic.
  • Expand your understanding of Jungian theory with regard to the little explored mind/body connection role in personal development.

This book offers a rare look at this inner landscape and offers a framework of individuation and the companionship of shared experience to help make your own pilgrimage to your imaginal depths less harrowing.

What is a “Daimon”?

imgres-11In standard English usage, we use daimon as the equivalent of demon to represent an evil force, a degeneration of the original numinous connotations of the term. My use of the term corresponds more closely with the Greeks — the intermediary between gods and humans, the guardian spirit assigned at birth, connecting heaven and earth.

Messages were delivered in both directions by the daimons, permitting a correspondence between the human and the Divine that otherwise could not have taken place. I have chosen to reintroduce the original use of the term partly for its poetic force. In its literary sense, it still contains elements of the original meaning, suggesting the opposites good and evil, birth and death, creation and destruction, light and darkness that underlie the realm of the archetypes explored in this work.

Straight from the soul, these dark messengers come to expand our consciousness — if we allow them. I am heartened that in recent years a public forum has opened to greater acceptance of the daunting taboos surrounding these daimonic energies of Eros, chaos, sensuality, violence, birth and death. But, we stand at a crossroads in how we will use these emerging soul forces.

It is my hope that, with its re-release, this book can contribute to a further awakening of our personal and collective responsibility to engage their mysteries with awareness, compassion, and respect for their capacity to either destroy or to transform us.

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USA Best Book Awards — Winner (Philosophy)
Next Generation Indie Book Awards—Winner (New Age)
ForeWord Reviews’ Book of the Year — Finalist (Body/Mind/Spirit)

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