Embrace of the Daimon Reader Reviews

Embrace of the Daimon Reader Reviews


“Touches, then soothes, a raw nerve” (Amazon review) — For anyone who has come to a place in their life where they feel ready to face the darkness that we all hold deep within ourselves, Sandra Lee Dennis provides a sanctuary of support for the journey inward. If you feel the pull of your subconscious calling but are afraid to face the unknown alone, let this book be your guide.


“Provocative and Instructive” (Amazon review) I could not put Embrace of the Daimon down, and will read it again soon. Intelligent, accessible and wise, the book offers a fresh way to approach the strange contents that arise from the unconscious: be with the images and allow them to work on you….The writing brings together the head and the heart. A valuable contribution to the theoretical and practical psychology of the unconscious.


“A practical guide and important contribution” (Amazon review) — This book is the only contemporary firsthand account of the day-to-day practice of mystical depth psychology that I have come across….a very practical guide to some of my own inner journeys. . . I appreciated the sense of actual instruction and companionship along the way. In particular I learned from the chapter on the subtle body, an idea which I believe the author develops into new territory.


“An incredible journey” (Goodreads review) — … takes the reader on an incredible journey to a place where the world we think of as real is penetrated by the world that we usually consider imagination. 


“Magnetically draws the personal shadow into the light “ (Goodreads review, Peter Morris) This book is a remarkable achievement – one borne from the ashes of personal transformational experience…. “Embrace of the Daimon” is a dark, brooding and challenging read but one that magnetically draws into the light important issues related to the psycho-spiritual malaise that mankind has slipped into. If all of society took the same approach in integrating our personal shadows rather than projecting them outwards we might not be facing the Four Horsemen scenario that we currently are.


For the artist in everyone… (Amazon review) Visual artists and literary artists, and in fact the artist in everyone can benefit from this book, as it looks into working from an internal place rather than the external.


“Visionary, dramatic, unique” (personal correspondence, J. Rosser, MFT) — I just finished reading Embrace of the Daimon and was impressed by the power, the uniqueness and just pure drama of your experiences with the daimon…. I found it quite visionary and a forerunner of the new paradigm in psychology.


“…powerful, illuminating riveting…” (personal correspondence, Oswald P., Toronto) — …a powerful book. Responding to its sheer presence, I bought it with less than a cursory scan. My intuitive move was rewarded by finding myself the owner of a very illuminating work…. This is a rich text on many levels. Especially riveting is the author’s description of the upsurge of psychic imagery that was the book’s impetus! On subsequent readings Embrace of The Daimon still has a kick. This is the good stuff.


“…fantastic, complex and intriguing” (Amazon review) — This book is appropriate for anyone looking for answers to some sexual or violent imagery. It can help take those images and place them in context and enable you to open up to them in a very positive and useful way. They go from disturbing nightmares to acceptable thoughts. Highly recommended for all those on a path to a higher self.


“…pioneering, outstanding and deep-reaching…” (Amazon review)— “Embrace of the Daimon” is a remarkable book.  It takes us to the edge by describing a journey, undertaken reluctantly at times, into the deep, dark world of the psyche, and, most importantly into the embodiment of the feminine, earthy, sexual, alchemical and universal forces that reside there…This book calls us to get to know the dark depths of our souls, shows how to embody the energies, and to stop projecting these forces outwardly with devastating consequences.


“Fascinating and useful” (personal correspondence, Paul A., attorney, Honolulu) — ….fascinating and useful; a perspective that’s liberating and I expect will continue to yield challenging opportunities. I want to thank you for what must have been a tremendous effort to write it, not to mention experience and integrate the material, and to generously make it available. I’ve already begun recommending it to friends.


Delicate and Rarely Discussed Topic… (Amazon Review) — …brought to light. For the many who are experiencing their most deeply buried wounds and disturbing emotions arising to the surface and need to find the tools and understanding to work skillfully with them, this is a must read.


Incredibly important(Jennifer Haas’ review on blogcritics.org) . . I think that it is incredibly important that Embrace of the Daimon is read, especially by mental health professionals so that we can learn how to use these dark aspects of ourselves to heal and grow. . .


(Personal correspondence, Ray R, Santa Fe)…  your unio corporalis is a bulls-eye for all that the in-the-head Jungians have been missing …. The book is very very good. I like the steps you include for entering into the unio corporalis …. just simply thank you for another way into the depths of difficult experience …


If you are interested in the dark feminine, alchemical transformation, and moving depth psychological insight into the fullness of body sensation, this book is a wonderful resource. Her book is reminiscent of Marion Woodman’s explorations of the dark feminine, yet Dennis exposes a different territory of idea–but more importantly, experience. Her area of specialty is what she names the “unio corporalis”, the union/coniunctio of body with soul. She takes Jung’s archaic and dense language and translates it into an accessible methodology based on her own visitations of daimonic forces. I encountered this book when I was relating to series of curious dream images and her material helped placed my own psychic process in a larger context. (Google Books reviewer)